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Bone Builders Success Story!

How strong are your bones? Did you know that your bones are living tissue that is constantly being broken down and replaced? Your skeleton replaces itself every 10 years. When bone doesn't get replaced fast enough, the density and quality of bone is compromised leading to an increased risk of fracture. One out of two women and one out of eight men will suffer an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime.

Treatments for osteoporosis include prescription medications, calcium and vitamin D supplements and weight bearing exercises. Weight bearing exercises are based on a theory known as Wolff's Law. Julius Wolff, a 19th century anatomist and surgeon, stated that a person's bones adapt to the loads under which they are placed. Muscles under load pull against bones. Bones bearing the load will remodel themselves over time to better support that load.

In June 2022, we launched a small group training program called Bone Builders. This program is based on a super slow strength training protocol studied at the University of Florida Medical Center and shown to increase bone density.

One of our first participants had just been diagnosed with osteoporosis following a routine bone scan. She was hesitant to take medication due to concerns about side effects and was excited to join our Bone Builders program.

Bone Builders isn't something you do for a month or two. It took six months of consistent, weekly sessions in the above mentioned study to see positive results.

Our participant showed her commitment by showing up to two sessions every week for a year. Her follow up bone scan shows exciting results. The measurements from June 2022 reflected a four-year decline in bone density. Her measurements from June 2023 showed that she had, in fact, BUILT BONE!

Key numbers in these results are the T-scores. These show how much your bone density varies from the bone mass of a healthy 30 year old adult.

Normal range: -1.0 and higher

Osteopenia: -1.0 to -2.5

Osteoporosis: -2.5 and below

Within a year

Spine score: Osteoporosis to Normal

Hip score: Osteopenia but improved

Hip Fracture Risk: Decreased.

Like medications, strength training has side effects. But these are good side effects like gains in fat free mass (bone AND muscle) as well as strength. Bone Builders workouts are precisely paced with a timer and a supervised by a trainer who monitors form. Groups are limited to four participants who support and encourage each other.

The program will be ongoing because Bone Building strength training requires a long term commitment. If you are looking to invest in 30 minute sessions meeting 1-2 times per week, email Jan at janet.schmidt27@gmail. com to learn how you can get started.

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