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Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge can be the difference between fighting YOUR body and mind or working with YOUR body and mind. YOUR response to certain eating plans is unique to YOU. How you move is unique to YOU. Five different people can follow the exact same plan and can have wildly different results.

The best way to learn what’s right for you is to learn about your body and mind. That’s what sets Blue Bike Fitness apart. We are home to a diverse team of fitness and wellness professionals with recognized, accredited certifications, academic backgrounds and most importantly, years of experience in the fitness industry. We are held accountable to by industry standards, codes of ethics and ongoing education requirements. We seek to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively, prioritizing health and wellness over aesthetics.

We are teachers first, eager to share our knowledge to increase your understanding of the unique needs of YOUR body and mind. We then help you apply this knowledge to improve your fitness, your health, and your life. One way is by providing monthly educational opportunities. So far this fall we have covered Senior Exercise, the Whole30 eating plan, and Positive Self Talk. Our Happy Healthy Hips seminar is coming up on November 11th where you will have the opportunity to learn how your hip anatomy impacts your movement patterns and susceptibility to injury.

On a personal level, our team’s knowledge, experience, and coaching skills can provide personalized tools to help you move better, eat better, and feel better. Let us help you sort through the sometimes-confusing information out there and take back YOUR power! #knowledgeispower

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