Feel Better. Perform Better. Live Better

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11128 Holmes
Kansas City, MO 64131

Personal Training

All of our training options include a complimentary consult session with one of our trainers.  

One on One: Do you need individual attention and a specific plan to meet your goals? 

  • 30 minutes for $30 or six sessions for $150 
  • 45 minutes for $40 or six sessions for $200
  • 60 minutes for $50 or six sessions for $250

Semi-Private for one to four clients: Do you enjoy the camaraderie of a workout with few friends but still need individualized instruction? 

  • 60 minutes: two clients $60, three clients $70, four clients $80 - six session packages are available

Meet the Trainers

Suzy Fahrmeier

Experience & Certification:

  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • 1 year Small Group Classes
  • 2 years Semi-Private/One on One training
  • 10+ years training on my own

Fitness Philosophy: 
Fitness is a process and there's no way around it! So lets make the process fun! I want you to master your mindset! No more "gymtimidation!" Together and with the help of an app I use, you can be the person who is able to make better decisions, change habits, and eventually accomplish every last goal!  No single process works for everyone, so we will work together to find a program that fits your lifestyle and schedule!!! Lets do this!

Jan Schmidt

Experience & Certification: 

  • M.S. in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology
  • AFAA Group Exercise/Personal Fitness Trainer
  • USA Triathlon Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Yoga Alliance Instructor/Continuing Ed provider.

Fitness Philosophy:

1. Our bodies have amazing abilities to get stronger, to heal, to perform incredible feats. Our    bodies and our minds need appropriate physical movement and good quality fuel to be at their best.  

2. Aging well is within reach, yet our bodies have different needs as we age. 

3. You have the power within yourself start feeling better, performing better, living better. I can help you connect with that power.

Brian Travis Smith II

Experience and Certification:

Brian Travis Smith II is a Life Consultant, with experience managing large teams and building strong interpersonal relationships. He is currently a Health Coach, Certified Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Certified Nutritional Specialist. 

Fitness Philosophy:

Education: It's important to have a deep understanding of your exercises so that you can perform them safely and correctly with proper form and technique. 

Engagement: Fitness needs to be engaging and personable. Most people won't make a lifestyle from doing something they hate. It's important to find the perfect movements that make you excited instead of dreading exercise.

Energize: You should feel focused, empowered and energized as you see your hard work paying off as you reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Tracking your progress and celebrating your victories is important to keep you motivated in the long run. 

Nutrition Coaching

You've tried to lose weight. You want to eat healthier, but there are so many diet plans out there, you don't know where to start.  There is a different and more effective way.  Jan will work with you to break your complex nutritional goals into small, strategic daily practices that add up to meaningful and lasting transformation.  Schedule a complimentary consult session to learn more about this proven, habit based program. 

One on One: Jan will help you understand your current habits, develop a strategy to make needed changes and support you through the entire process.  Weekly check-ins, bi-weekly coaching session and measurements, text and e-mail support as needed.  Nutrition Coaching is included as an option in the Gold membership package 

  • Monthly: $49
  • Three month package: $150
  • Annual: $500

Challenges: Short term challenges are a great way to jump start a weight loss or healthy eating program. With  a defined beginning and end, you can really focus on making some changes and learning about yourself in the process.


Meaningful Measurements: The scale only tells part of the story. Skinfold measurements are taken at seven sites and girth measurements at up to eight sites for an in-depth assessment of your body composition. This is a great opportunity to document your starting point and track your progress. Our trainers will review your results with you and offer personalized recommendations to help you meet your fitness goals. 

      1 session: $10
      3 session package $25 (measurements at monthly intervals for three months)