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Get Out!

Posted on March 13, 2015 at 11:15 AM

The weather in our area has been beautiful the past few days with highs around 70 degrees.  I have loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember and even more so when the conditions are as perfect as they are right now.   I took the opportunity to move two of my classes outdoors.  I teach yoga at MNU as an adjunct and yesterday's class was the last one before they go on spring break.  My students clearly had a case of spring fever and needed a break from our usual routine so we held class outside.  The campus has a small prayer trail through a wooded section that made a perfect place to walk in silent meditation along with a sunny, more open space for us to do a simple sequence of yoga poses.   When I arrived at the gym later in the afternoon to teach Boot Camp, the empty treadmills just reinforced the notion that people don't want to be indoors on such a nice day.  Even an early 1960's strip mall can provide all that is needed for a challenging workout circuit.  

My direct work with clients and students happens around their work and school schedules.   That means that I am busy at the beginning, middle and end of the day, but have chunks of time in between.  At first, I would go hang out at a coffee shop and work on my laptop, but the money I was spending there and the noise level led me to seek another place to plan and work.  I tried going to a library branch, but found that being online was often too much of a distraction.  The solution for me was to start going to parks and just disconnecting.  I have my pen and paper journal that I use to write down my thoughts, plan classes and workouts and brainstorm new ideas.   If it is cold, I sit in my car.  If it is nice, I'll find a bench or rock to sit on, or just walk around.  One outcome is that I have started to discover some really neat parks in the Kansas City area that would be awesome places to hold fitness and yoga classes.  As I get things firmed up (pun intended), I'll post details on my website and FB page.  In the meantime, I encourage everyone to get out if at all possible...enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

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