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WAGS are Wonderful!

Posted on November 29, 2015 at 10:55 PM

Fitness has kept me young in so many ways.  Yet as I reach my mid-fifties I can't escape the reality that time has still taken a toll on my body.  Some parts remind me that my twenties have long since faded into the rearview mirror.  Osteo arthritis now affects several of my joints, including my hands and wrists.  Wrist extension while bearing weight can be especially painful if I'm not careful.  My students and clients have shown me that I am far from alone with this challenge.  


While shopping for some new weightlifting gloves in search of better wrist support, I discovered Wrist Assured Gloves or WAGS.  I have had been using them since early October and love them!  They not only support my wrists and hands, they have a wedge built in that raises the heels of my hands, taking pressure off my wrists.  I can lift heavier weights.  I no longer have to juggle props when doing sun salutations. I highly recommend these to my students and clients.  If you or someone you know is seeking a solution to wrist pain in the gym or yoga studio, check out this website: http://www.wristassuredgloves.com/    They have a Cyber Monday special good through December 1st: 25% off if you use the promo code BEJOLLY15  

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