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Turning Points

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 9:40 PM

Three years ago on a Thursday morning my life changed course as a job that I had held for over two decades ended.   This week and this day continue to be significant, although as time passes that significance evolves.  After the first year passed, I was just starting to get my feet under me in my new venture; close enough that I could all too easily look back and allow myself to be drawn into a tug-of-war between forgiveness and resentment.   Now that three years have passed, what was has faded from my sight and from my heart.  I am doing things I never dreamed I'd be doing.  So many doors have opened and continue to open.  My heart fills with love and gratitude on a dailiy basis, leaving no room for resentment and anger.  

When I finished up my Master's degree in Exercise Phys, my advisor encouraged me, as he did all students in my position, to continue to work toward a PhD.  I never felt drawn to that.   I truly enjoy teaching college students, but sitting in a lab doing research and writing scholarly articles is not my calling.  Research is fascinating and I love learning more about how our bodies work.   But it is all for naught if someone doesn't help pass this knowledge on to those who can use it to live healthier lives.  One of my favorite speakers, Ruby Newell-Legner, once said that her personal mission is to touch at least one person in a positive way each day.  This really connected with me when I heard it several years ago, but I had moved up the ladder in a large fitness center, gaining a loftier title and salary, but losing touch why I had originally chosen this career path.  

We all have turning points in our lives.  Some hit us in the face while others only become apparent in hindsight.  Even positive outcomes come with moments of pain, of self-doubt, of betrayal.  Three years down this new road, I can look back and see how my passion, my spark had faded.  I am so grateful that it has been re-kindled and now burns bright.   

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