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Never Count Yourself Out

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 9:20 PM

October was exhilarating in Kansas City this year, not in terms of crisp fall weather, but rather a red hot baseball team.  The Kansas City Royals made a historic run through the playoffs, down to the last out of the ninth inning of seventh and final game.   I have to confess to having been a bandwagon fan only to be swept up in this city's enthusiasm for our boys in blue these past four weeks.  

The major league baseball season is long with many games to be played.  Every team starts spring training working toward the goal of extending their season even further, ultimately winning the World Series.  They do this one day, one game at a time.  No team wins every game they play. Many lose more games than they win, as the Royals have been done several times in the past 29 years.   But the goal remains. This year, the Royals lost 73 regular season games, yet these guys never counted themselves out.  We shouldn't either; whether it's the Royals or ourselves.  

The Royals also developed their strengths with a focus on putting fast players on their roster and using speed to win games.  They scored many runs as a result of aggressive base-running and prevented their opponents from scoring runs with spectacular plays in the field.  

It's easy to be on the bandwagon when we are winning.  The trick is to stay the course when that bandwagon hits a pot hole or a wheel falls off. The 2014 baseball season may be over, but your own bandwagon will keep rolling forward with if you keep these three things in mind :  

  • Have a clear goal or vision of where you want to be
  • Discover your strengths and work tirelessly to develop them
  • Never count yourself out

Anything worthwhile takes persistent effort.  Celebrate the successes and learn from the losses, but never give up, even when the game goes into extra innings.  I'm back on the bandwagon and will try harder to stay on board going forward.  Will you?

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