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Blender Hired - Juicer Retired

Posted on March 9, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Three years ago, I bought a juicer.   While I've enjoyed drinking the juice it produces, the cons of using it started to outweigh the pros and it is now just an object taking up valuable cabinet space.   The benefits of drinking home-made juices as a way of consuming more fruits and veggies are  well accepted.   It is also important to me to know where and how the produce is grown and what ingredients are added.   That said, I truly wonder how many pricey juicers are gathering dust simply because they can be a hassle to use and can be wasteful to boot.

First, it takes a lot of fruits and veggies to yield a mere four to six ounces of juice.  That was handy when we'd bring home a bag full of produce from our CSA or need to clean out the veggie bin.  However, one of my motivations for making things at home is to save money.   At least one of those cups of juice was churned out at a cost of more than eight dollars.

Secondly, the process leaves behind far more glop than juice.  Not wanting to waste this nutrient packed slime, I have tried baking it into muffins and mixing it into pasta sauces.  That works, but when we juiced more than once or twice per week, there was so much left over that I tried freezing some for later use.   Ultimately, much of it ended up expensive compost.  

Finally, the thing is a beast to clean up.   Although it comes apart easily enough, the pieces either don't fit or don't come clean in the dishwasher ...so many places for the veggie glop to hide.   I would scrub the part that chews up the fruits and veggies with the brush provided and put it in the dish drainer thinking I had gotten it clean only to look at it again minutes or hours later and see now dried-on vegetable matter.

One of goals this year has been to increase my consumption of liquids, veggies and fruits.  Early in January, with my left hand in a splint, I opened my kitchen cabinet and looked up at my juicer.   I could swear that it sneered at me.   I looked at shelf below and saw the appliance that I have had in my kitchen for decades, my lowly blender.   The blender that has made protein shakes for years. The blender that mixed freshly extracted juice with almond milk and protein powder to make smoothies.  Talk about a "well duh" moment!

Now I use my blender to make green smoothies three to five times per week.  I start with 8 ounces of kefir water (watch for my video to show how I make this) or almond milk plus a scoop of protein powder.  Then I add a banana or cup of some other fresh fruit and a cup of greens. Blend it all on low for 15 seconds and then high for another 15 seconds and pour into a cup with a lid and I'm ready to go.  To clean-up, I just run the blender with some soapy water in it and then take it apart and put it in the dishwasher.  

My juicer is now officially retired.  There may be some who think that the juicer is still the way to go.  I just know that my blender is doing the job for me.   I need the cabinet space so I would love to send the juicer to a new home.   If you would like it, message me by March 15th.  If I get no takers by then, it goes on Craig's List.  

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